Oishi Marty Launch

To catch the trend of healthy foods favorite and to grow sales,
Liwayway Vietnam launched new variant of Oishi - Oishi Marty's, Vegetarian Snack in late 2016.


Launch and get media inspired of new product, Oishi Marty's, through a press conference.
Activation at office buildings, malls & cinemas to get prospects tried, interested in the product.

Effective Solutions

For excitement & impression, the press conference was organized informally in Binh An village with yard for games.  By joining the games, media persons were to be excited and absorb well  the product concept.

KOL participants to create the hook

(Huy Khanh actor, Dieu Nhi, Duy Khanh hot facebooker, Hoang Rapper)

PR campaign rightafter the conference to wide awareness

( News & article release, KOLs FB post, Hot facebooker posts….)

Activation  at 30 locations (malls + SPMs + Cinemas + Office Building) in HCM & HN cities

Efficient Results







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