Ferrovit Digital Communications

To engage TAs’ insight with every message conveyed on digital communications so as to grow sales and maintain leading position.


- Refresh brand image
- Develop a comprehensive communication strategy
- Build top brand in TAs’ perception

Effective Solutions

Implement integrated digital communication to reach & engage with audiences on various channels.


a. Characterize & Website

Characterize the brand as a modern, healthy & beauty women to be close and engage with target audiences on behalf of the brand,

which subjects to strict regulation of advertising.

Renew website with modern image & more-friendly structure.

b. Fanpage:

Build fruitful & selling content to have always-on engagement with target audiences.

Ad support to widen reach.


c. GDN

Exploring Google Display Network to build brand exposure/ popularity and recruit new prospects.


d. Native Ad

Develop PR articles to create product demand to drive prospect to the website. Narrative Ad support to increase effectiveness.


e. KOL & Hot Facebookers

Using KOL channel to easily associate brand with popular image by partnering famous KOLs and Hot facebookers who concern with health and beauty.

i. KOLs



ii. Hot Facebookers



f. SEM

Using SEM to expose the brand to prospects, who are looking for relevant information before making final decision.

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