About the project

In the midst of the fierce storm of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kao Vietnam - a reputable corporation with the mission of "Satisfying and enriching people's lives" - is ready to organize a series of CSR activities: Join hands for the community, Prevention of Covid.

In order to spread the humanity of this series of activities and strengthen the brand image, Skylark Communications supported Kao Vietnam to plan the PR for this series of activities.

By displacing PR articles in attention-grabbing locations, readers of reputable online newspapers more easily accessed these content. At the same time, the way to build topics and select the direction of exploitation to evoke empathy also contributed to the success of the PR series.

PR Articles

  • Develop strategic angles and contents for online articles (Kenh14, Zing News, Thanh Nien Online, Afamily, Vnexpress, Tuoi Tre Online,…) to deliver accurate campaign objectives.
  • Select top 1st or 2nd positions on popular headers to catch reader’s attention.

Efficient Results


Online PR articles

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