Oishi Snack Bắp Ngọt

Oishi Sweet Corn Snack was among top ranking in sales performance of Oishi Snack brand.
In 2017, catching the trend of cheese flavor favorite among children, Oishi developed and launched new version of Oishi Sweet Corn - Cheese Flavor.


Introduce new version of Oishi Sweet Corn Snack, cheese flavor, to pupils at primary schools in HCMC and Hanoi city. Deliver well brand positioning & build brand engagement, excitement through an activation campaign

Effective Solutions

Children always love playing game rather than class. Hence, to get them excited, we create a wonderful corn world for enjoyment, through that we deliver brand message “Ngon Me Ly – Vui Dieu Ky”

Covering 80 primary schools, the activation brought the magical corn world to more than 150,000 pupils in the schools. It was the world in which pupils was offered product enjoyment & fun on-ground games with corn mascot.


Efficient Results


Pupil engagements

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