Honda Winner X

Honda Winner X is known as a motorbike for people who enjoy cool lifestyle and want to show their own personality but they have often been assumed as lacking some social responsibilities. With the trend of environmental conservation, Honda Vietnam wants to deliver an image of responsible Winner X riders to the Vietnamese Youth regarding their concerns and contribution to environment through a range of practical outdoor activities.


- Going viral Honda Vietnam Corporate Social Responsibility towards environmental message “Thống lĩnh đỉnh cao, Lái chất sống xanh cùng thủ lĩnh Winner X”
- Build up positive images of Honda Winner X riders in terms of their social responsibilities

Effective Solutions

1. Online articles

  • Develop strategic angles and contents for online articles (Vnexpress, kenh14, yeah1, yan news,…) to deliver accurate campaign objectives.
  • Select top 1st or 2nd positions on popular headers to catch reader’s attention.

2. Social Channels: get diversified  KOLs, social communities and hot facebooker talk, share, involve and engagement with the program for popularity impact

a. KOLs: Đen Vâu, Trúc Nhân, Chi Dân

b. 15 Hot communities viral the message to their fans

c. 15 Hot facebookers speak & engage with the program

Efficient Results





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